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Top! Lembra mesmo aqueles animes da década de 90, na verdade até os jogos que se passam no japão, é a cara dos produtores japoneses. Ótima produção, como sempre.

guilhermevl1 responds:

haha eu fico muito feliz quando dizem que parece com o estilo japones. Muitas influencias de la.

Beautiful, it sounds like some kind of celebration to nature gods, but with some modern touches here and there in the harmony.
I love it!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you so much, you are too kind, muito obrigado.

Very lovely!Some interesting harmonic progression in here.

Also, sometimes your voice reminds me a bit of Eri Kawai... might be just me though .-.

headphoamz responds:

Thank you!

This is great, it feels wonderfully dark and brooding.Very "Late 90's Squaresoft RPG-esque".

Troisnyx responds:

Something along the lines of Chrono Trigger, you mean?
Glad you like it. Thanks ^_^


headphoamz responds:

Thanks so much SP ^__^

Chilling, really great composition!
The orchestration is pretty great too, the textures in here pass off the 'icy' feeling perfectly.

KatMaestro responds:

Thank you for your response :D

Wondeful, wonderful piece!As soon as the main melody popped in 0:23 my heart just melted, it sounds like it's straight out of an old-school rpg.

Everything sounds so damn lovely.The whole song is very well paced, the progression is dynamic and lively, the instrumentation is perfect.

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! I love your themes, so what you mentioned about the main melody means a lot to me coming from you. :)


Simply put: this perfect.Made me choke up a little bit.

headphoamz responds:

Oh gosh Silver. You so nice. :3

Maaan...I love this so much, especially the harmony.Those last 30 seconds were absolutely gorgeous.

The pacing is perfect and the arrangement is also really great.Though few frequencies are a bit loud, but that's just nitpicking.

SpikeVallentine responds:

Wow really?! You do? Your stuff is awesome, you are on my favorite musician list.

"Though few frequencies are a bit loud"
Yeah, I think my mastering could use some work! Do you have any pointers???
Do you use FL STudio? I dunno what I'm doing when I use the EQUO plugin.

And wow, it's you! Your music is awesome!

Great composition, great musicians...there's probably nothing I could say others haven't said before.
Mind-blowing, unadulterated awesomeness.

camoshark responds:

Coming from you, I take that as the greatest of compliments!

Very glad you enjoyed, thanks for the comment!

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